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The Hands Only - Senor Mardo [52 Weeks Project - #08]

The Hands Only - Senor Mardo [52 Weeks Project - #08]

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Time for a "rare" manuscript - this is "Senor Mardo" Second Book in a Trilogy.

Book #08 in the 52 Weeks Project

Senor Mardo was an American magician, originally from Cuba. His real name was Medardo Lonzano, and spent quite some time in NY. He was a professional magician and, according to MagicPedia, there are rumors that he worked as a "spy" in Cuba for USA.

His books, although generally unknown today, are highly regarded by those "in the know".

This book, The Hands Only, was originally a giant book on close up magic titled "Intimate Deceptions", that unfortunately Senor Mardo had to trim down, leaving us to enjoy only a very small selection of that original book (unpublished).

6 very interesting items can be found in this book, with coins, rope, business cards and more.

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