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The Magic Duck

Pro 4 Wallet by Gary James

Pro 4 Wallet by Gary James

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Multiple Out Wallet

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The Pro 4 Wallet offering four distinct outs, any of which can be made to seemingly appear in the same (identical) compartment. Add an envelope and double faced cards and you can quite easily increase this to eight outs. In fact, the possibilities are almost endless. Also built in to the new design is a great tunnel system that leads one compartment of the wallet into the opposite side. The Pro 4 Wallet comes with video link showing the workings and some routines/ideas possible with the Wallet.

Note: The Pro 4 Wallet has a back up Facebook group dedicated to providing ideas for using this product.

Contributions and suggestions which make use of several other commercially released items from the likes of Mark Elsdon, John Archer, Gary Jones, Mick Wilson, Bry Watson, Joel Dickinson, Richard Morrell, Mark Thoroid, Grant Mitchell, and Phil Shaw, to name but a few.

"An outstanding bit of thinking and a very well engineered and top quality prop. Endless, is the word that describes the potential of this wallet."
- Mick Wilson

"Smart bit of kit."
- Mark Elsdon

"The Pro 4 Wallet opens up so many possibilities for improving and innovating ideas for magicians and mentalists."
- Jon Allan

"At last! A four way out wallet that looks and feels great. Perfect for my Komedy Killer routine too!"
- John Archer

"A great utility item to have in stock,ready for a routine that needs a 4-way out and more, I've already thought of a fab way to use this in my virtual shows."
- Nicholas Einhorn

"The pro 4 wallet is a simple, yet brilliant progression of the classic Himber wallet, opening up loads more possibilities."
- Chris Congreave

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