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The Magic Duck

N6 Coin Set by N2G

N6 Coin Set by N2G

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A HIGH QUALITY coin set to perform miracles!

Since 2013, we have released the "N Series" coin props and gimmicks; followed by N2, N3 N4 and N5. They became extremely popular in the world of magic. But today, in less than a year, we followed up with a really great new prop: N6.

N6 is the latest generation of N-Series coin magic props. It is totally different from the previous version.

The whole set of props includes a N6 gimmick coin, a red common Chinese coin, a black common Chinese coin, plastic ring and string. N6 is made of high-quality Chinese coins

Many routines are included in N6, such as: "The Thief", "Exchange", "Spellbound", "Transfer" and more.

If you like coin magic, or if you are a card magician but would love to add something different to your set, N6 may be the solution you were looking for.

Note: Please make sure to watch instructions fully before using the gimmick.

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