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The Magic Duck

MR. GLOVES by Juan Pablo - Includes FREE Silk

MR. GLOVES by Juan Pablo - Includes FREE Silk

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Mr. Gloves is a doll made with two gloves and has one that allows this character to perform magic tricks such as disappearances and appearances of objects.

Mr. Gloves will allow you to make your magic routines much more fun since the use of this doll is very cute and funny.

You can use it in magic routines for adults and children.

The gimmick is undetectable and can be used with 360 degrees.

Mr. Gloves is designed so that you can carry it in your jacket or pants pocket and use it whenever and wherever you want to perform improvised magic since with it you can make countless appearances and disappearances of small objects.

You can include it in any of your routines and make them much more fun since the combination of magic with the tenderness of this character's participation will make that moment unforgettable.

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