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The Magic Duck

More Secrets by Tom Sellers [52 Weeks Project - #11]

More Secrets by Tom Sellers [52 Weeks Project - #11]

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Another super-interesting book from the creative genius of Sellers!

Book #11 in the 52 Weeks Project

Including mentalism effects, card magic, sleights and DIY projects:

THE "PASS" CIGARRETTE SLEIGHT - a cigarette / ball or other object vanish, where the object rolls from you hand to the other.

A NEW CIGARRETTE SLEIGHT - sleight to vanish a cigarette.

THE STRONG CIGARRETTE - a kind of "stunt" where you balance a "weight" on a cigarette.

PIN DIVINATION - an effect to perform with "cigars" (not a very common prop to use in magic effects). You find the cigar where the spectator pushed a pin inside.

THE NOVELTY CIGARRETTE EXCHANGE - a very interesting "gimmick" that can be made with only two small bottles. A cigarette placed inside a bottle, inside a spectator's pocket, when opened again, has a previously selected card inside. Can be used for other things as well. Clever.

DUPLEX ON THE TOP CARD - an interesting card effect with potential (a sort of 2 card ambitious) but we couldn't actually crack the explanation. We will give a 10% OFF coupon to anyone that can decipher the effect.

A MYSTERIOUS CARD CHANGE - a clever twist on the 2 card transposition effect. Nice.

BOW BALLS - A very simple and clever idea to make three "beads", inserted into a knotted loop, to change places. Can be combined with other effects (sympathetic, etc). Very nice.

HANDKERCHIEF PRODUCTION FROM AN EMPTY GLASS - an easy to make (sort of) mechanic prop to produce a silk


A NEW IDEA FOR THE "LIVING AND DEAD" EFFECT - a "no one could think about this method" method for the L&D

BENDING A GLASS ROD - a cool mechanic gimmick to create the effect of "bending" a glass rod. Very nice.

AN AMAZING DICTIONARY FEAT - incredible. You are probably not going to make this (it's not difficult but we are lazy) but learning about it is so cool. A "CIA Spy" type of gimmick to communicate secret information to the "medium". No words spoken.

TOUCH COUNTERS - a clever "magic touch" (or "magic sense") effect where you are able to remove a signed "bead" or "counter" from a bag. Everything is normal and can be examined. Simple and effective.

A PRETTY CARD TURNOVER - a VERY COOL "juggling" move where you catch the deck in middle air while the selected card turns over. Charlie Frye is going to love this.

A COLOUR CHANGE HANDKERCHIEF BOX - 3 silks pushed through a box change color

THE PHANTOM POLES OF PUNDIT - a clever vanish of colored sticks; Steve Dushek had similar ideas

THROBIT - a "which pocket" effect, where you name where the spectator placed 2 different colored discs 

A PRETTY RIBBON EFFECT - an unseen DIY effect for stage or parlour

ONE MAN SEALED MESSAG READING - interesting and clever handling of the "One Ahead" Principle


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