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The Magic Duck

MELTING by Adrian Vega

MELTING by Adrian Vega

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"Adrian Vega is always surprising me! His ideas are visual, amazing and magical. But what I like most it is that everything that released are part of his professional repertoire. I am sure you will want to use Melting in your card magic routines. Bravo Adrian!"
-Martin Braessas.

A new very visual miracle coming directly from the Adrian Vega's mind. He used this trick to fool and impress lay people and magicians around the world, performing it on TVs, FFFF (the prestigious Close Up Convention) and during his last FISM performance in Quebec 2022.

Now, he wants to share it with the community, so please welcome to... "Melting" just watch the trailer and enjoy this jaw-dropping effect, you will not believe your eyes.

Also, you can use it as a quick and visual trick under any situation or you could combine with other effects, it is perfect for close up, parlor, social media or TV.

Every single gimmick is ready to go and it is hand made for professional magicians, so you can trust on the quality of this amazing product.

Remember, Adrian Vega used this to amaze everyone around the world, so now it is your turn to impress your audience as well. Don't miss this opportunity to include a new visual, original and professional effect to your repertoire!
  • Everything is included. High quality handmade gimmicks
  • Part of the professional act from Adrian Vega (FISM, FFFF, Magic Castle, TVs...)
  • Great for real performances and social media viral videos.
  • Complete tutorial by Adrian Vega.
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