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Magical Chocolate by Tenyo Magic

Magical Chocolate by Tenyo Magic

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A super-cute two phase effect that will trigger your audience's imagination!

The magician displays a chocolate bar wrapper, and from within removes four cards printed with chocolate bars. Each card contains a different flavor: bitter chocolate, sweet chocolate, white chocolate, and strawberry chocolate.

After displaying each of the four cards individually, the magician invites the spectator to select one and remember it. All four cards are inserted into the wrapper, and the magician tells the spectator to concentrate on the selected chocolate, and imagine eating that chocolate! 

Suddenly - a small torn corner of chocolate falls from the wrapper onto the table!

When the four cards are removed from the wrapper, it is seen that the spectator's selected chocolate is missing a corner! The small piece of chocolate matches the missing corner perfectly.

Created by: Toru Suzuki
English instructions by: Steve Cohen
Illustrated by: Nariyuki Yoshiha

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