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"Lend Me Your Pack" - Victor Farelli [52 Weeks Project - #06]

"Lend Me Your Pack" - Victor Farelli [52 Weeks Project - #06]

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A SPECTACULAR book on impromptu card magic!

Book #06 in the 52 Weeks Project

Every single effect is impromptu!

Many of the effects are self working; the others are semi-automatic.

12 complete routines, each one including startling principles on semi-automatic card magic, plus moves, handlings and variations. The book is divided in two sections: "Stand Up" magic and "Table" magic (effects requiring a table although no lapping of any kind is involved).

Pay specific attention to what Gabi Pareras called "The Sequences": how you are able to set up one effect while performing other effect, or better yet - setting up the next phase of the effect while performing the first one.

The book contains many clever principles waiting for you develop them!

Part 1: Stand Up Magic

Chapter 1: "Seventeen Down" - a semi-automatic card effect were a freely selected card appears at a predicted number. But get this - at the end of the effect you have a number of cards culled / stacked (for example, the four aces) where you want.

Includes two methods of reversing the bottom the card.

Chapter 2: Do as I do - a different version of the effect

Chapter 3: "The Three Sevens" - a "sucker" version of the 21 card trick, where the mentally selected card actually disappears... and is found in the magician's pocket.

Chapter 4: "Arithmetical Magic" - a method for the "Epitome Location".

In the second phase of the effect, the magician produces the 3 mates of the selection.

Chapter 5: "El Naipe y la Corbata" - a completely novel and interesting effect that no one is performing, where the performer wraps the deck with a "tie" and all the cards fall - except the selected card.

Chapter 6: "The Pencil and the Pack" - two selected cards magically travel through the pack and join together. A small lesson in showmanship.

Part 2 - Table Magic

"Almost in Confidence" - a simple and direct card divination effect, that will allow you to stack a number of cards needed for the next effect.

Chapter 7: "Poker and Brag" - a very cool self working effect,

Chapter 8: "The Harrison Deal" - a demonstration of gambling techniques (not "skill" techniques but "gambling" techniques).

Chapter 9: "Poker Face" - a poker deal effect

Chapter 10: "Mystic Eight" - An excellent self working effect where the magician produces the 3 mates of a freely selected card. This effect contains many lessons on handling and presentation. Study it carefully.

Chapter 11: "Controlled Coincidence" - two cards, selected by the magician, match in suit and value the card though of by the spectator. Including 3 versions of the routine.

Chapter 12: "Loo Lung or the Chinese Coin" - in the funny course of explaining different card games, the magicians deals the cards on the table, discarding cards each time, until only the 2 selected card remains.

Appendix - "The Double Turnover" - A very detailed essay about "The Double Turnover" including 4 variations of the move.

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