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The Magic Duck

Original Tricks - Eddie Joseph [52 Weeks Project - #13]

Original Tricks - Eddie Joseph [52 Weeks Project - #13]

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Full of a variety of surprises!

Book #13 in the 52 Weeks Project

Mystic Recital - a mentalism effect using only a small stack of blank business cards.

Everywhere Yet Nowhere - a STAGE version of the famous Hofzinser effect

The Boy and the Watch - a complete comedy sketch where a watch changed into an egg, then into a chicken, only to have the watch reappear behind a boy assistant's back

The Damsel Escapes - a classic escape! The magician's assistant is tied by two members of the audience, only to have the rope simply melt away from her body!

Evaporation - several objects like coins, rings, keys, etc are dropped inside a borrowed handkerchief and vanish! Impromptu

Perpetual Coins - a VISUAL production of a coin on top of a handkerchief or silk

Seeing with the Imagination - "Milk" travels from a glass inside a hat to another glass inside a different hat

The Spirit Crochet - a bizarre effect where a symbol appears punctured in a playing card

Almost a Miracle - Impossible location of 2 cards

The E. Jay Book Test - A bold force for a book test

Personal Publicity - an ingenious idea to use a "magic square" as a publicity stunt with your business cards

Liquid Milk - Vanishing milk from a glass

Drunk or Sober? - a comedy three card monte where nothing is at it seems


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