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Good Conjuring - S.H. Sharpe [52 Weeks Project - #01]

Good Conjuring - S.H. Sharpe [52 Weeks Project - #01]

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Book #01 of the 52 Weeks Project

"Sam" Sharpe was a famous magician from UK. Becasue of his health, he couldn't dedicate himself to perform and instead focused his energy on writing books for magicians.

His books eventually inspired countless of magaicians from different generations, from all over the world: from Jeff McBride to Vito Lupo. 

Sharpe eventually was called "the Aristotle of magic" because of his system analysis of the entire spectrum of the art.

"Good Conjuring" has 2 parts: a theory part and a practical part, full of inspiring illusions and effects (which Sharpe called "poems in illusion").

If you never red anything by S.H. Sharpe, then prepare yourself to be inspired - but it will only work if you are ready for it.

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