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Mysterious Tricks - Horace Goldin [52 Weeks Project - #10]

Mysterious Tricks - Horace Goldin [52 Weeks Project - #10]

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A book published by none other than the great illusionist Horace Goldin!

Book #10 in the 52 Weeks Project

There are actually many interesting ideas that people can find in this book, including Horace Goldin's full system for "personality readings", and many other interesting items, for example:

Three Hypnotic Tricks - very cool pseudo-hypnosis stunts, where you can make people feel cold, hot, etc.

The Penetrating Pennies - interesting coins through glass with coin shell

A Thought-Reading Trick - a "which hand" effect with two normal coins

More Thought-Reading - a very clever method to find a signed penny among a bunch of pennies

The Vanishing Ring - a visual effect, worthy of a Nicholas Lawrence... it could be used for video or social media

Another Ring Trick - an interesting ropes & ring effect, your hands are tied and the ring can be removed

String Magic - an interesting impromptu topological effect where a string penetrates the fingers. Can be combined with other effects to create a routine.

The Latest Disappearing Sixpence - an impromptu coin vanish using a napkin (or handkerchief); everything can be borrowed

A Hole in the Sleeve - a cute effect where a penny coin penetrates the sleeve

Keda - a "weighing the cards" effect, the magician is able to name how many cards were cut from the deck

Other items include:

Hearing With the Teeth - a type of scientific "stunt"

To Cause a Coin to Vanish - with a handkerchief

The Vanishing Handkerchief - using a "pull"

The Vanishing Cigarette - using a pull

The Four Coins - this is the well known coins across that Harry Lorayne printed in The Magic Book. It's still a good effect.

The Candle and Flag Trick - an interesting effect where a silk vanishes and a candle changes into the silk

Goldin's Show Description - from the newspaper of the time

Goldin's Fortune-Telling System - interesting concept to tell the personality according to the date of birth although is not the Zodiac per se.

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