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The Magic Duck

Exclusive Card Mysteries - Lu Brent [52 Weeks Project - #12]

Exclusive Card Mysteries - Lu Brent [52 Weeks Project - #12]

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This book has some seriously good self working card effects!

Book #12 in the 52 Weeks Project

Thought Spelling - 3 spectators think of a card, and from a mixed deck they spell to their though of card. The second effect in "Card College" is a though of card being spelled to. Here is a similar effect, done with 3 cards.

Move Two Cards - Remember "Moe's Move a Card" Trick? Here is a version with 2 cards...

You Selected the—? - a system to spell to any card in the middle of the deck (impromptu). If you like to perform "The Trick That Cannot Be Explained", this skill is going to come handy.

Lu-Brent’s Mental Card Mystery (Just Think) - a spectator thinks of any card and writes the name, along with 4 other random cards, in a business card. The magician is able to name the though of card. The method is based on real suggestion.

A Card Sympathy - A "Do As I Do" effect with NO exchange of packs... spectator simply selects a card from a deck, and you select a card from your deck, and they match....

Lu-Brent’s Reversed Card Location - a very cool, impromptu commercial effect. A spectator selects a card (may sign it) while you step away from the deck. A second spectator selects a card and inserts it reversed in the middle of the deck. Let's say is 6. Six cards are counted and the selected card is found in that exact position.

Lazybones -  a two card location, where the first card turns over, then finds the second selected card

Lu-Brent’s Count Down Mystery - Simplicity itself. The magician is able to name both a selected card at a selected number. Self working, impromptu.

Lu-Brent’s Matching the Aces - spectator and magician both choose an ace from a 4 aces packet, and they match. A psychological effect.

The Siamese Pack - a clever "modification" to a Svengali Deck. It has potential.

Shark Food - a "magician fooler" effect. The magician performs an effect which seems obviously to use a "key card", yet that method is completely eliminated...

The Coins and Card Mystery - four coins placed on the table, and the spectator deals four cards under each coin. Spectator selects one coin, and the four cards match the date on the coin. Although the effect is very cool, the method probably will need some updating.

Think? —Stop - the magician is able to deal through a deck and stop at two selected cards... while genuinely blindfolded.

The Suit & Value Coincidence - magician removes 2 cards from the deck and places them in his pockets. A spectator removes any card from the deck. The 2 cards match the selected card in suit and value.

A Card Prediction - a very interesting card force


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