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The Magic Duck

EQUALIZER by Joao Miranda

EQUALIZER by Joao Miranda

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The future of magic is here

Hearing is one of our most important senses.

What if we could alter the perception of it?

João Miranda and his team developed, from the ground-up, a state-of-the-art speaker system that will alter your spectator's reality, allowing the magician to perform what appears to be, real magic.

The sound quality of Equalizer is unbelievably good. Even crisp sounds like a bell or opening a soda can, become so realistic, that is hard to tell if it's a sound-FX or a real-life sound.

The Equalizer unit comprises an internal micro-SD card reader, volume buttons, a three position switch (to select different sounds), a main frontal action button (to play, pause or advance tracks), and a custom magnetic high-grade speaker.

The unit has programmable delay activation with vibration feedback, so the performer is always in control.

The set comes complete with:

  • Equalizer unit
  • Micro-SD card
  • USB adapter
  • 2 x Connecting cables
  • Gimmicked music box
  • Svengali blank cards set
  • Magnetic belt holder
  • Charging connector
  • Belt clip

To get you started we teach you six effects that include professionally studio recorded sounds, designed specifically for each effect:

1. Music box: The magician shows a metal hand crank music mechanism and places it inside its box. The spectator then selects one song and when the magician plays the music, it matches the selection! For the big finish the music apparatus vanishes without a trace!
(Equalizer comes with the gimmicked metal music apparatus and it's box and a set of Svengali blank cards, so the performer can customize to his own preferred song).

2. Bell divination: A bell rings by itself, finding the chosen card. Everything can be examined, before and after.

3. Glass disappearance kicker: A revisited classic, where a glass goes thru a table while covered with a newspaper, but this time the audience really "hears" the glass being touched with a coin, right before it disappears without a trace.

4. Vanishing deck: The classic effect where a deck of cards vanishes, except the signed card.

Thanks to Equalizer the audience will really believe the whole deck is in the magician hands since they hear a riffle, which takes the illusion to a whole new level.

5. Vanishing Matches (created by Miguel Pinto): The magician opens a matchbox and asks the spectator to grab one match and sign it. The match is returned and mixed with the others. Suddenly all the matches have magically disappeared, except the spectator signed one!

6. AM/FM Radio: The magician draws a radio on a small notepad. Incredibly the pad plays the sound of a radio station! The magician can play our pause at will the sound coming from the pad.

At the end the pad is shown to be totally empty and the drawn page can be handed out as a souvenir.

PLEASE ensure the instructions are watched completely as this is technically comprehensive gimmick.

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