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The Magic Duck

Demon Magic - Robert Harbin [52 Weeks Project - #05]

Demon Magic - Robert Harbin [52 Weeks Project - #05]

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Book #05 in the 52 Weeks Project

One of the most iconic illusions ever created in the history of magic is of course the Zig Zag Girl, created by Robert Harbin - one of the most creative magicians and inventors ever.

If you want to know what "original magic" means, you have to read "Demon Magic" - a book that could make Gaetan Bloom's eyes pop out of their socket.

This books contains 28 incredible ideas: from full stage illusions, stage magic and escapism. Even if you never perform this effects, only reading about their methods will inspire you forever about what is possible in the Art of Magic.

Walking Through a Rope - a stage illusion under test conditions

The Blue Ray - incredible stage effects where silks tied to a "post" make weird occurrences when illuminated by a light

Two of the Best - a "move" to produce "endless" number of cigarettes

The Stocks of Har-Bin - escape from "stocks"

Most Unusual! - jumbo rising cards - in perpendicular position!

The Vanishing Glass and Contents - a vanishing glass with a very interesting routine

The Knives of Opah - a stage illusion - passing knives through your assistant under test conditions

Two "Demons":
1 - Burnt & Restored - burnt tissue paper reproduced from bare hands
2 - Ink and Newspaper - ink produced from empty cone

The Demon Pins - pins form themselves into design on a "cushion"

The Demon Lamp - a creative method for the vanishing lamp

The Superb Change - a "stand" that allows you to change one envelope for another

Some Table Designs - 2 beautiful table designs, easy to carry and to make

1 - A comedy table gag - the performer clumsily kicks a leg each time from a table; the table remains in place until being held only by one leg
2 - The Balancing Walking Stick - worthy of a "Michael Jackson", a walking cane remains suspended in diagonal position - and you can put things on top of it!

If You Want a Wife? - stage illusion. The magician's assistant appears holding his hand

My Floating Glass - floating glass, examinable at the end.

The Demon Shadow Trick - a very interesting "blocks" penetration, performed through the shadows of a curtain

There and Back - a borrowed matchbox moves on top of a tube

"Some Paper Magic":
1 - 3 tissue papers turn into a "floral ball"
2 - imaginary cuts into tissue paper become real
3 - "Boxo" - a marketed item - 3 pieces of tissue paper turn into a box

The Demon Torn Newspaper - a version with "instant restoration"

Have Some More! - a very interesting cabinet for the enlarging glass and liquid

If You Want a Production Box! - a production box, can be used with many things

The Packing Case Escape - another powerful escape

Har Bin’s Demon Paddle - a unique paddle effect using "revolving" panels in the paddle, Includes full script and presentation.

Crockery - a stage effect: a "plate" suddenly becomes decorated.

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