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The Magic Duck

Call the Witness - Sid Fleishman & Bob Gunther [52 Weeks Project - #09]

Call the Witness - Sid Fleishman & Bob Gunther [52 Weeks Project - #09]

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Unbelievable creative magic!

Book #09 in the 52 Weeks Project

There are 21 extremely original effects in this book.

Sid Fleishman was an award-winner writer and screen-writer, who wrote many popular children's books, and an expert magician, author of the highly regarded "The Charlatan's Book".

Bon Gunther was also an illustrator and animator, working in many famous Disney pictures. The illustrations in this book are made by him.

Including in the book is a lost Item from The Jinx - "The Bite" - a very comical card revelation that was originally intended to be published in the magazine - Annemann passed away before he could publish it.

There are also two "underground" secrets included - a real gambler's method to read the contents of an envelope (a secret that can be used in a mentalism effect), and a method to visibly vanish a lighted match with no movements, from a Native performer from Mexico.

We included short biographies of the authors and colorized the cover. The original book had three pages displaced, corrected in this electronic version.


The Card in the Ice Cube - made famous by Michael Ammar; this is the original version. Perfect for "Social Magic".

The Nest of Sacks - an inexpensive version of the "Nest of Boxes"

A Deck in Bondage - a card vanishes and reappears inside a deck completely wrapped with tape

Magic by the Hour - a card reappears inside an hourglass

With a Bit of Spice - card appears inside a salt-shaker

A Toast to Magic - a bread jumps from a toaster, revealing the name of the selected card!

"The Trick Without a Name" - an originally marketed top-selling effect, the precursor to the "Pegasus Page" (many claim this was the original version)

With a Sense of Touch - divination effect with 3 matches

Metamorphosis - a "giraffe" cut out from newspaper changes into a "horse" figure

The Skeleton of Jekyll and Hide - a novel book test: a type of "You Do As I Do" with books. Both magician and spectator choose the same word from two dictionaries.

The Luminous Dictionary - the magician is able to reveal any word selected - from another room!

Navy Beans - the magician identifies the selected (and marked) "beans"

Seven Come Eleven - a dice number divination, with no mathematics or questions asked

Mary Had a Little Lamb - a novel book test performed with a children's book

Super Bird Cage Vanish - a method for the "Cage Vanish" where the spectators are holding the cage with ropes

The Mexican Match Trick - a long lost trick, shown to the authors by a Native magician from Mexico. A type of match "stunt" where you vanish in plain sight with no movements of any kind a lighted match.

Black Art Books - an idea to have a "black art table" without a table

Six of One - an interesting effect where ashes penetrate the hand of the magician

Super Sight - a method originally from real gamblers to read the contents of envelopes

Fish on the Menu - a goldfish appears from a folded paper napkin

The Black Scarab - a cute card revelation, were a "black scarab" vanishes and reappears stuck behind a selected card

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