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After the Dessert - Martin Gardner [52 Weeks Project - #03]

After the Dessert - Martin Gardner [52 Weeks Project - #03]

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Book #03 in the 52 Weeks Project

This is one the books in the "Martin Gardner Trilogy".

Martin Gardner needs of course no introduction to the world of magic.

In this booklet you will find 30 items (tricks, stunts and gags) to be performed "after dinner" - what later became known as "table magic".

This book is actually VERY important in the history of magic - a LOT of the tricks and stunts we learn as beginners from beginners books were originally taken from THIS book. How much credit has Martin Gardner ever received?

For example, did you know that the venerable "Vanishing Salt Shaker" - one of the great classics in magic, is published here?

Among other interesting things you will find a secret property of bills they were using in the 30's to fool other magician - a secret that was used by none other than Derren Brown almost 100 years later - applied to UK coins (see the book "Pure Effect").

Michael Close popularized his "Origami Bird" - you will find here the original concept, with several applications, among them using flash paper, or making a coin appear inside the origami bird.

Choosing and selecting material is not easy. The overwhelming majority of magicians need to see a trick performed before they decide if it's something they want to incorporate in their repertoires.

We invite you to take a little time to learn some of the 30 amazing items in this book, while thinking to yourself: "What would someone like The Amazing Jonathan think about this? How would Jay Marshall would take advantage of this?". Maybe you'll discover a hidden gem waiting for a magician like you to make it shine.


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