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Advanced Card Magic - by Howard Albright [52 Weeks Project - #14]

Advanced Card Magic - by Howard Albright [52 Weeks Project - #14]

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Book #14 in the 52 Weeks Project

This book should be renamed "FASDIU Bar Magic" because that's exactly what it is: super commercial, impromptu card effects. 

None other than DARWIN ORTIZ recommended this book. And not in vain: the effects are fun and powerful, the presentation premises are commercial, the construction is intelligent and the handlings direct.

Although the title is "advanced" card magic, almost everything is within the grasp of the average magician (force, double lift, etc).


The Goofy Card - A "comedy" version of the Ambitious Card. Does NOT involve a selected card. This is the perfect opener for strolling magic.

The Persistent Card - Another highly commercial, comedy effect


- The Slip Force
- The "Slip Back" 

The Mind of Mephistopheles - The magician announces the position of 3 selected cards shuffled into the deck, one by one. The spectator does all the dealing.

Intuition or What? - The magician is able to name different cards at different positions in the deck.

Peculiarities of the Pasteboards - a quick and cool multiple selections card routine with 3 selected card, where each spectator finds his own card in a different way.


- The Slip Cut
- Double Lift

Mental Power - a spectator reveals his own though of card

Surprise Speller - another super commercial presentation for the "card change"

The Educated Cards - Spectator's reveal 3 selected cards

Albright's Instantaneous Method - not a "trick" per se but a utility for handling card revelations. Very useful for "Jazz Magic"

Triple Stop Disclosure - A spectator is able to find the "suit and value" cards that reveal his own selection 

Lucky Number - Three spectators find their own selected cards by using "lucky cards"

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