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Aces in Deception - How Right You Are! by Lewis Ganson [52 Weeks Project - #07]

Aces in Deception - How Right You Are! by Lewis Ganson [52 Weeks Project - #07]

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A COMPLETE, easy to do routine, full of situational comedy

Book #07 in the 52 Weeks Project

Although there is no magician on Earth that does not get excited with "new" stuff (the "latest and greatest") it's also true that we revere when new twists and ideas are published on some of the "older" stuff (the projects Craig Petty published last year on the Invisible Deck and the Si Stebbins Stack, for example).

In this new offer for the 52 Weeks Project we have a COMPLETE routine using a "Svengali" Deck.

In four successive phases, each one more impossible than the last, the SPECTATOR himself will find his own card from a shuffled deck: First, by calling "stop" as you deal the cards, then by throwing a coin on top of any selected packet, then by stabbing the deck, only to finish with a BIG SURPRISE - laugh guaranteed.

The entire routine has "running gag" each time the spectator finds his card - each time becoming funnier.

The manuscript includes also several handlings for the Svengali Deck, such as as how to shuffle, display the deck, do a double lift, and more.

Included also is a variation where you can perform the deck with a "Rough and Smooth" deck instead of a Svengali.

The routine is very well explained by noted author Lewis Ganson, responsible for a LOT of the magic we have available today.


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