Asi Wind in Andrew Huberman's LAB

Asi Wind was just invited to Andrew Huberman's popular podcast. And as the scientist clearly stated - his mind was blown.

The truth is: we also were fooled by some of the things he did - after all, who knows everything? 

So, what did Asi perform? He did a 5 effect very powerful act. Let's review the sequence:

1 - "Impromptu Mnemonicosis"

By now who is not familiar with this Tamariz' effect. He has been doing it since the 70's but only in the last few years it got real "traction" that even David Blaine performed it in TV.

Learn all about it (and SO MUCH more!) in Juan's Magnum Opus: Mnemonica.

If you prefer though, you can go with the 5 DVD Set (or both because they complement each other nicely).

Asi's approach uses does NOT use a memorized stack, but rather, a clever type of playing cards. We are NOT giving away the details, but if you buy a deck of Butterfly Playing cards you will learn a lot about this approach.

If you are already familiar with the Butterfly Deck, you can save money by purchasing a 6-pack refill.

2 - "Gypsy Queen"

This is a commercially available effect. We suspect that Asi did a deck switch, and you can learn all about it here: Roberto Giobbi's Art of Switching Decks book.

If you prefer learning from videos, Charlie Frye's Deck Switch is for you.

3 - "Pin Code" Revelation

You need a VERY GOOD classic Force to do this.

One of the BEST resources is Phil Jay's Classic Force DVD, produced by Mark Mason & JB Magic.

Also L&L's World's Greatest Magic Video on the Classic Force is a GREAT, inexpensive resource. You'll learn several approaches from different masters of this move.

4 - "Though of Card to Wallet"

There are SO MANY wallets that we have a special category for you to check it out.

However please allow us to recommend the FPS Wallet. It's inexpensive and comes highly recommended.

Another one you may enjoy is the The Rebel Wallet Elite by Secret Tannery. 

5 - "Card appears in phone picture"

Right now we have no idea how it's done!


Did you know that Asi has his own brand of playing cards, designed by himself? They are the Chameleon Playing Cards, and they are beautiful.

The "Piles Force" that Asi used can be found in Simon Lovell's classic book "Simon Says". It's credited to Dai Vernon there.

 Asi also wrote what many consider the ultimate book on the "Pre-Show" Technique; undoubtedly an incredibly powerful strategy that can elevate any effect to miracle status, used by so many professional mentalists. Check out "Before We Begin".

Lastly, Asi Wind was featured in Reel Magic interactive magazine DVD. It's quite inexpensive, and we recommend you to check it out to see a younger Asi interviewed by John Lovick.